Troi the Dauntless


Next in our series of amazing chinchilla videos:

Born in the chill reaches of the Andes mountains, few chinchillas have the drive to delve beneath the surface into the strange world found… under the blanket!  

I present to you Troi – the lovely, the bold, and the slightly dense!


Chinchillas and Bubbles

As part of an effort to keep the chinchillas entertained during playtime, I tried bubbles!  And this is what happened:

Willow + Doors = Fun!


Actually got quite a lot done this weekend; worked through 2 chapters, edited 2 chapters, and realized that I use the word “looked” way waaaaay waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much. Sigh, another addition to the revision plan. Approximately 5 chapters to go. Whoo!

I’m off to bed shortly, I’m not feeling as much like a zombie this week, and I’m pretty sure it is because I finally caught up on sleep. I don’t want to lose that feeling!

So this week, I’d like to share the joy of Willow playing with doors. For those of you who might not know, Willow is one of two mosaic chinchillas that live with me. She is very smart, and ever since she learned that doors open, she’s been obsessed. Here are three videos of Willow + doors. Hopefully you find her as ridiculous as I do!

Willow Opens The Door

Willow Overcomes Insurmountable Odds to Open The Door

Willow Whacks Her Face With A Door

Willow’s 5 Lessons


This is Willow. She is my oldest, wisest chinchilla. She has many lessons to share, but here are five of her favorites.

Lesson 1: Exercise a lot! Don’t worry if you don’t get anywhere, the fun is in the running!

Lesson 2: Sleep a lot! And when you do sleep, COMMIT!

Lesson 3: It is always better to have a friend as a pillow…

Lesson 4: Don’t make fun of other people, even if they DO sleep funny… They might make fun of your odd habits!

Lesson 5: Explore and be brave! If you know there is another place behind a door, don’t give up until you open that door. You might have to run back into your cage, but at least you’ll know what’s out there.