King’s Mark Complete!!!


This is the one you’ve been waiting for. Or maybe it’s only me that’s been waiting for this one. But here it is. I’ve officially completed King’s Mark!!

Writing a book is both more and less work than I thought. The things that scared me about writing a novel-length project were hardly blips on the radar – I didn’t get bored with my characters or my story. I didn’t have to write tons of boring connecting bits. I do have a large enough vocabulary, and my writing style isn’t too elementary (I still get little pangs of inferiority when I read some of my favorite stuff, because comparatively I have a very simple style). But I was totally able to do it.

Some other things didn’t scare me enough, it seems. I was pretty confident that I could get through revisions pretty quick – the story was solid, right? And I tend to turn out pretty clean first drafts. I expected quick little changes. No. On just this final revision, after tons of changes in the second revision, I tore out 7200 words of tossed scenes (it would be more if I counted all the little bits I deleted or rewrote) and added about 12000 new words. Compared to writing the book, it went quickly, but it was a much more agonizing process. It makes me want to outline, but although I’ve worked out some waypoints for Thieves of Moirai, it appears I need another demonstration to convince me it’s necessary. Or possibly, this is just the way I’m going to work, forever and ever.

Anyway, it’s 2:30am and I’m very sleepy, so any further analyzing will have to wait. Tonight, I sleep!

Tomorrow, I feast and celebrate with Coca-cola and a movie at the theater!

And Tuesday, I send it away to the first agents on my list!


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