Herons Hunting and Novel Ransacking


This post finds me back at my writing desk in the cold north. It is snowing, which is beautiful but not exactly welcome. As much as I love my little car, it is not up for blazing trails. I think the word that describes my short excursion this morning is “slushplaning.” I would say hydroplaning, but I think the liquid water molecules are outnumbered at this point. This does not bode well for work tomorrow.

Anyway. I’ll get to the writing in a moment, I do have some things to share in that arena. But I just got from a vacation, and I had the opportunity to observe and film some wildlife doing some interesting things. Ah, the wonders of the digital age. I’ve got a good number of them, and I’ll be breaking them out over the next few posts. So here’s number one!

This is a video of a little blue heron hunting. He got some insects and a few small brown anoles while we were watching him. The way he waves his head back and forth is mainly a “targeting system,” a behavior which allows the birds to account for distance and refraction of the water before striking (herons don’t have the same depth perception as we do, because their eyes are on the side of their heads). It also serves to distract prey while the bird lines up for the strike.

On to the writing news!

I spent a chunk of my vacation planning out revisions for King’s Mark with my dad, who is an excellent person to bounce ideas off of. I got my brain from him, so he usually gets what I’m trying to do, while at the same time maintaining more distance from my work than I can. We managed to solve several of my more vexing problems rather elegantly, in my opinion. My beta-reader feedback started trickling in last weekend, and so far there hasn’t been anything unexpected, so I haven’t had to completely reconsider the solutions I’ve already worked out.

I’m off work until Wednesday, so today and yesterday have been almost entirely spent in revision-land. I have not actually started rewriting yet, but I hope to be ready to start that by the end of today. I am reaching a point where the changes I’m looking at could be good or just as problematic as the text I already have. I don’t believe in changing something until I have something measurably better to replace it with, so we may be nearing the asymptote of this revision.

But, before I lose myself in the weeds again, here’s another pic from my vacation:

An Alligator!


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