About Me



I’m glad you stopped by.

I’m Stephanie Herman, and I write fantasy, science fiction, and horror stories.  During daylight hours, I manage a wildlife rehabilitation center that cares for thousands of animals each year. I also rescue oiled wildlife, watch birds, corral chinchillas, and play the oboe.  You’ll find musings on all these topics and more on this site, I hope you find it entertaining!

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Check out my work:

“Raven Hearts” – Gorgon: Stories of Emergence, Pantheon Magazine, February 2019

“The Long, Slow War” – Bastion Science Fiction Magazine, September 2014

“First Strike” – Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Issue #60

King’s Mark is a fantasy adventure novel, chock full of intrigue, battles, wild magic, diverse cultures, with just a touch of steampunk.  If you enjoy dovetailing storylines and difficult choices, this story is for you.  Visit the “King’s Mark” page for an excerpt and more information.

Get in touch with me:

Email – thewildliterati AT gmail.com

Twitter – @wildliterati


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